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Implementation and Re-implementation

Implementations can be challenging. The volume of tasks is often substantial and complex. Assembling and managing a project team is demanding.

This requires extraordinary experience, foresight, management skills and depth in practices. Superior skills in analysis, planning, issues management and reporting are also critical. Nozom IT possesses these skills and has been highly successful at implementations.

Our experts (e-business Suite, Fusion , Microsoft Dynamics) will ease your implementations and utilize the usage of the application

Audit / Health Check

If you have ever experienced slow performance from your optimization system due to an improperly configured technology environment, you are aware of how crippling system problems can become.

Nozom IT experts recognize the challenges that service organizations face in maintaining their systems to maximize service optimization performance.

As a result, we have built a service offering around assessing and diagnosing systems issues that could be leading to diminished performance.


A solution in large firms is a suite of applications linked together through integration and interfaces best suited for your business.

Too often it is assumed that the best solution is to select one vendor as a provider. There will always be some form of interface or integration with other applications.

Nozom IT has the most talented resources to achieve your work in integrating your systems and applications together.


Upgrade Services

Most companies view upgrades as part of a regular “fitness plan” that provides continuous momentum and agility. Upgrades can also leverage enhanced functionality, lowering the cost and risk of costly customization(s). Embedded best practices and enhanced performance and scalability are additional advantages to upgrading.

Whether in partnership with your in-house staff, in close coordination with your chosen service provider, or as a remote service, Nozom IT offers the most cost-effective choice for Oracle upgrades at the lowest risk.


An ERP is usually the most business critical application that enterprises run. Hence, it becomes of primary importance that the system is tested critically before being made productive. It is also important to test any subsequent changes with same level of criticality.  Nozom IT provide all types of ERP testing functional testing (User Acceptance  , Integration  ,  Authorization and Security ) and Performance testing (Load , Stress  , Volume ) , Technical testing (Backup  , Restore  , Disaster Recovery)


Many times, organizations have a temporary requirement for IT personnel for a specific practice. The requirements may vary in terms of duration, skill set and experience. We can provide the services of our personnel for such assignments as per the required job description and timeline

ERP and CRM Services

Used Technologies

Our implementation process is proven, and our clients know that the solutions we implement for their business will have our full support before, during, and after going live.

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