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Why Outsourcing ?

Outsourcing IT and Helpdesk helps small and mid-sized companies in achieving twice the productivity and cost savings with half the hassle. Nozom IT delivers effective and affordable IT outsourcing solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our SME IT outsourcing solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and mitigate your business risks

Why Outsource

Focus On Your Business

Your staff are probably specialized and trained in your business products and services – and we ongoingly train and focus on all the IT issues so that your staff can keep their focus on delivering on your own business’s promises. Diverting their attention to IT issues is an expensive exercise

Reduce Costs of IT

Maximizing the use of the software and hardware assets that you already own and by having the necessary reports and intelligence to hand when deciding what new IT assets to acquire, you can be assured of reduced costs and maximum use of those assets.

Manage Change Effectively

By knowing what you have now and how well it is or isn’t working for your business, you are in a much better position to consider new technology and upgrade or migrate to those platforms or systems that make the best business sense – that could easily save thousands of Dirhams by avoiding the expensive white elephants!

Limit Compliance Risk

Gartner Research estimated that in a single year, 70% of mid-to-large sized organizations will under-go an external software audit. In today’s financially austere times even small business will face closer scrutiny from the authorities. With effective hard-ware and software audit reports available at any time, you will be well prepared for any investigation.

We are specialized in outsourcing IT Consultants

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